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Our Corbusier sofas are modern, sleek and extremely sophisticated. The elegant chrome frame and integrated legs create a suspended appearance which exudes style and class.

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1 Seater Corbusier Sofa - Black


£156.18 / 1-7 days

9 Rating(s)

Ultra chic black & chrome sofa. Supportive, quality upholstery. Extra large comfy cushions. Elegant chrome frame. Matches our coffee tables. Available in white.

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2 Seater Corbusier Sofa - Black


£205.00 / 1-7 days

24 Rating(s)

Stylish black & chrome sofa. Soft, leather finish. Chic chrome frame. Supportive large cushions. 1-seater also in stock. For all stylish sofa needs.

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1 Seater Corbusier Sofa - White


£171.81 / 1-7 days

15 Rating(s)

Stylish single seat sofa. Modern white leather finish. Upholstered & very comfy. Supportive oversized cushions. Elegant chrome frame . Timeless & elegant design.

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2 Seater Corbusier Sofa - White


£225.53 / 1-7 days

13 Rating(s)

Chic white & chrome finish. Premium, comfy upholstery. Provides stylish seating for two. Super-sized cushions. Versatile for many functions. Available in black leather.


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Corbusier Sofa Hire

Often there is nothing more inviting than a good quality sofa, whether you are relaxing in a social or corporate environment being seated on a sofa that is both smart and comfortable makes a big difference to overall impression. A sofa that stands out and is instantly recognised for its authentic quality is not always easy to come by. Fortunately at we take care of the really important details such as finesse, sophistication, practicality and style.

Finest Quality Sofas

Our Corbusier sofas are designed to ensure that you are offered the finest quality sofas available, plush and visually stunning these sofas ooze charm and elegance. Their distinctive features include oversized cushions and a chic chrome frame, just two of the outstanding visual aspects that make these sofas so uniquely fresh and contemporary. The name itself speaks of quality, Corbusier a French designer was renowned for his distinctive style his furniture was no exception, for this reason Corbusier has become world renowned and is imitated the world over.

Stunning Furniture Hire

Our Corbusier sofas have a quality that is chic and stylish and are as comfortable in the seating experience as they are visually stunning. What makes our Corbusier sofas even more attractive is the simple fact that they match so well with other items in this range.

Our selections of coffee tables for example are an extremely popular complimenting furniture hire option, you can choose from the classically refined to the smart and contemporary. Or even browse through our executive range and choose some of our finest high quality cupboards, desks, chairs and other equally stunning furniture hire options. We know that quality is as important as style, which is why the Corbusier sofa range is so often associated with the highest quality furniture. Why not take a browse through our sofa hire range the distinctive style is sure to impress.

Effortlessly Stylish

Our one seater Corbusier sofa has all the hall marks of a good quality sofa, with one  oversized cushion it is a sofa that you can simply sink into. Adorned with an elegant chrome frame this one seater Corbusier sofa is perfect for reception areas, boardrooms or break out areas. The popularity of the Corbusier range makes them a highly desirable sofa hire range, the one seater is no exception. Perfect for both formal and informal areas this gorgeous one seater is sure to impress wherever it is accommodated.

Comfort and Sophistication

Our two seater Corbusier sofa is the ideal sofa for any formal or informal event, oozing charm and sophistication this two seater sofa is visually stunning and extremely comfortable. With oversized cushions, elegant chrome frame and integrated legs to give a suspended appearance this two seater corbusier sofa is all charm, perfect for reception areas or general office use

Triple Charm and Elegance

Our three seater Corbusier sofa is the epitome of sophistication; ideal for reception areas, boardrooms and other informal or formal seating areas this plush three seater sofa oozes charm and elegance and offers the ultimate in style and quality.

Sofa Hire London | Sofa Hire Manchester

Looking for sofa hire in the North or South of the country has never been easier. Here at, we have a huge range of White and Black Corbusier Sofas for hire at exceptional rates. With a depot in London and one in Manchester, we can accommodate all enquiries.