Thousands of Blue Polyprop Chairs

Thousands of Blue Polyprop Chairs

Seating can be one of the most important factors of an event, especially in situations such as conferences, lectures and exams. It can be hard to concentrate if you are uncomfortable; this is where Furniture Hire UK is able to help. If you are searching for furniture to hire, then look no further. Here at Furniture Hire UK, we offer a wide range of chairs for you to hire. One of our most popular products is the iconic polyprop chair - one of the everyday designs that we take utterly for granted. Smart all-round and versatile, our polyprop chair is suitable for almost every situation, hence its popularity with our customers. This injection moulded polypropylene seat has a seat and back formed as one seamless unit for comfort which rests on an enameled bent tubular steel frame, making it strong and sturdy. The extraordinary design of the polyprop chair will ensure that your guests will sit up and take notice. This chair is an essential prop of school assembly halls and factory canteens as well as being common throughout businesses and shops; its versatility makes the chair a key piece of furniture for your event.

Our polyprop chairs show extreme strength and durability with a reinforced bar on the front of the chair, making them ubiquitous in educational establishments. They are made from polypropylene which is durable, lightweight and easy to clean – all qualities that make them perfect for school and business events. They are also a very popular choice available for hire in large quantities over a thousand. The chair also has a hole at the back of the seat which provides flexibility and adds comfort by offering easy breathe ventilation, particularly when seated for extensive periods. This is yet another reason why our polyprop chairs are perfect for events such as exams, seminars and conferences.

Not only comfortable for your guests, our polyprop chairs are also extremely practical for your own use, which is obviously an important factor when hiring furniture. You won’t find yourself running out of space as they can be stacked up to ten chairs high. This means that they can be easily stored and quickly put out of the way if need be.  Our polyprop chair is available in both grey and blue – which has been reduced to the bargain price of £1.25 per week, so you really can’t afford to miss out on this giveaway opportunity.

It is essential that you choose the right chair to hire for optimum results. For ultimate concentration and attention from you intended audience, you must choose a chair that it comfortable but firm. Our polyprop chairs are perfect for this and are often hired with our exam tables and circular meeting tables, which are great for conferences. These tables are available in diameter sizes of 750mm, 1000mm and 1200mm at the cut-rate weekly renting price of £12.00, £15.00 and £17.00 respectively. At these prices it isn’t difficult to see why our polyprop chairs and matching tables are a favourite of Furniture UK customers. What’s more, our polyprop chairs are also available to be hired with our chair trolleys – a common choice among our customers. Our trolleys enable easy transportation around your venue; yet another reason why our chairs are so successful.

Furniture Hire UK is able to offer an exuberant range of furniture for hire that is suitable for any situation; included in this is the iconic polyprop chair. So why not hire our polyprop chairs? Whether you need educational furniture for hire or are in need of furniture for corporate events, our polyprop chair is ideal and will cater for every need.

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