White Desk

White Desk

Why Choosing the Right Desk is So Important

Where would we be without our office desks? Over the years, these items of furniture have undergone a few changes, but nothing revolutionary – if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, right?

Our 1400mm desk in white is testament to this fact and whilst offering basic styling and functionality, it does everything a modern desk should do. Featuring a huge work surface and plenty of space for storage underneath, this desk is perfect for any office.

Why the Right Desk is So Important

Choosing the right desk is paramount when choosing your office furniture. You want your desks to fit in your office space without impeding access in, out of or around the office and you also want your employees to be comfortable. It’s amazing how many companies fail to appreciate the importance of the right desk and insist that their employees sit cramped together or that they work on old rickety desks that are quite frankly unsafe.

When you come to Furniture Hire UK you don’t need to worry about the quality of finish or build and you can rest assured that our desks tick all the right health and safety at work boxes. We understand that your employees are going to be using their desks for long periods of time on a daily basis and that means we ensure our desks are safe, comfortable to sit at and offer ample room to move around. Our 1400mm desk in white is also very easy to manoeuvre.

Fit Out Your Office in Style for Less

If you are considering furniture hire over buying your office furniture, we’d be more than happy to assist.  Over the years we have assisted countless companies with their office furniture hire and can recommend some of our best selling items and furniture options that best suit your needs.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing furniture or simply to add furniture to new areas, we have a huge range that is perfect for the modern day office. Our 1400 desk in white is just one example of the type of quality you can expect from us. Our buyers take their time in choosing only the most durable, comfortable, stylish and affordable furniture options from across the country.

And speaking cross country, our lorries are ready to deliver your furniture to you now.  We operate across the UK and can deliver any number of chairs, tables, desks, storage units and other furniture items direct to your door.

Everything You Need Under One Roof

So, whether you are looking for new desks or the furniture required to kit out a brand new office, we have everything you need right here. Our charges are some of the lowest around and we would be delighted to put together a quote and recommend the right furniture items for you.

Give Furniture Hire UK a call today. With our enviable track record and unblemished reputation you can be sure that your office furniture will give your clients a great first impression and your employees a comfortable and pleasant environment to work in.