Storage Solutions for all Environments

Storage Solutions for all Environments

Only Storage Has the Answer

How often have you been sat in a room, looked around you and thought ‘I need more storage’ or ‘I need more space’? papers and files are stored in temporary boxes cardboard splitting at the sides, you are over run with books and other paraphernalia items you cannot store because you have no where to put them, sound familiar? Well you are not alone, the scenario is often all too real and unfortunately also a costly and expensive dilemma to try and rectify. Finding the right type of furniture to suit your needs can be a cumbersome and difficult task, particularly if you are looking for furniture that will serve you for a particular period of time or for a specific purpose.

Storage is quite definitive in terms of the type of furniture you need, which is one of the reasons is such a convenient way to source your furniture. Financially you save significantly by hiring your furniture and of course you have the added advantage of not being tied long term to furniture that you may no longer wish to retain. Similarly because our selection of storage furniture is so wide and varied you won’t have to spend precious time trying to locate specific items that are often expensive to buy in today’s current market.

Our Mobile Storage Answer

At we have a range of furniture that will resolve all your storage problems. Take a look at our mobile pedestals they are a wonderful example of efficiency and style. You can choose the colour of your mobile pedestal to match perfectly with the decor in your office. They are available in an oak wood style finish and are fully lockable for extra security. Our two and four drawer filing cabinets are equally stylish both have a forty kilo suspension file carrying capacity with anti tilt lock mechanism, providing the most secure and versatile of storage.

Wooden Bookcases are Perfect Storage Hire Items

Quite often it is books and files that need storing, whether your business is large or small storing your books and files neatly and in a place that reflects professionalism and style is of paramount importance.

Our wooden bookcases are available with either one shelf or with three and are the perfect addition to any office they are neat and compact and help you store your items attractively. Whatever your storage needs you will find we have a whole range of storage furniture hire options that are unbeatable for taste and style.

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