Comfortable and Supporting Chair Hire Choices

Comfortable and Supporting Chair Hire Choices

Take a 'Comfortable' Seat

How much of your day is spent sitting down? Obviously this will depend on your occupation, your age and your lifestyle but invariably you will spend some or all of your day seated. If you work in an office, call centre or similar environment then you are likely to be seated for a substantial part of the day. We are all told of the perils of bad posture the likelihood of back pain induced through long periods of sitting, back hunched shoulders slouched.

Correct Posture - Correct Chair Hire

Many people ascribe to the antidote of Pilates or yoga to correctly align the spine, which has its benefits and no doubt is a wonderful healer, but since many of us do not have the time or often even the inclination to consult the great ‘yogi’ then we need to be sensible and follow the basic rules in so far as taking regular breaks when and where appropriate, including sitting in as comfortable and posture friendly a way as possible.

Often this means trying to avoid the inevitable slouch that accompanies the pre-coffee caffeine hit on those early morning starts. Or the mid afternoon slump which purportedly has as much to do with the lack of an appropriately energy inducing breakfast, as it does with the mound of sweet treats consumed in haste in a futile attempt to counter the slump, a slump that does not so much creep up on you but which invariably arrives with a bang just as you decide to tackle that all important work task that you decided to put off until the ‘afternoon’.

Chair Hire Options at

Taking all the above into account you will need to ensure that whatever challenges your day throws at you, you are comfortable and ready for the day ahead. At you will find a fantastic selection of chair hire options that will ensure your day is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Our blue or black stacking chairs are perfect for any office environment, strong and sturdy with an elegant chrome frame they are a great chair for conferences and business meetings. If you require something more upmarket and sophisticated then our executive chair range is unbeatable, our leather cantilever chair is a great chair to sink into at the start of your day.

Executive Seating

Equally the leather executive chair with a deep padded seat back oozes style and class and is incredibly comfortable. In terms of extra support our ergonomic chair is designed specifically to provide as much comfort and support as possible. The moulded mesh back provides increased back support and is a great chair hire choice for those who are back support conscious.

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