Event Chair and Table Hire Guide

Event Chair and Table Hire Guide

Table and Chair Hire

When you think of the great spectacle that was and is the Olympic games it is hard to imagine that the grandiose celebration witnessed by millions around the globe, has its origins rooted in such a primitive epoc of ancient times. Back then, much of the athletic prowess would have been a reverence for the champion of the ‘fastest chariot’ race, perhaps more in the vein of Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button in formula one, however the events were no less exciting, though perhaps occasionally a little more aggressive.

Greek Pankaration

The Greek Pankaration event for example introduced into the Greek Olympic games in 648BC which consisted of a combination of wrestling and boxing, had according to Wikipedia almost no rules ‘save disallowing biting and gouging of the opponents eyes’ (charming).

Modern Day Games

Thankfully the modern day athletics are a little more civilized and opponents are more respectful of prolonging the life span of its competitors, but the event is just as loud and proud as its predecessors and the general backdrop is no less elaborate. One of the most important factors for all venues that hold such large events is the décor.

To ensure you have the right type of furnishings to accommodate such a large number of spectators. At FurnitureHireUK.com we have a fantastic selection of event furniture that will take the stress out of organising your event. Our chair hire range has a wonderful selection that is both smart and modern.

Thousands of Chairs for Hire

Depending on the size of your venue and the number of guests you need to accommodate we have a very versatile chair hire selection. For example our polyprop chairs are lightweight easy clean chairs that are a wise choice for large events, stackable up to ten high when not in use they can be hired in quantities of over a thousand. If you require a chair that is a little more sophisticated but equally kind to your budget, then why not try our blue or black stacking chairs with elegant chrome frames, they are stylish and comfortable and are suitable for any conference or event environment.

Wide Options of Table Hire

Similarly we have a wide and varied selection of table hire options that are suitable for all indoor or outdoor events. Why not take a look at our banqueting tables, round or rectangular with an availability that includes a choice of sizes they are the ideal choice for hosting an event be it large or small. Whatever the purpose of your event you can be sure to find what you need at FurnitureHireUK.com.