Exam Desk Hire Guide

Exam Desk Hire Guide

No matter how large or small your educational institution there will invariably be a need for exam desks. Students at almost every stage and level of education will be required to sit exams, they are generally taken intermittently throughout the school and college year or as is the case with many educational establishments as final end of year progressional examinations.

Quick and easy set up – one click

The need therefore for furniture that is quick and easy to set up is incredibly important. There is generally a long and busy schedule of exam timetabling that is consistent throughout this period. The numbers of students entering and exiting school halls and other buildings that have been set up for exam purposes is generally of a much higher number than usual, for this reason organization is of the upmost importance. 

Students generally concentrated in one particular area in a normal school term will not average that of the elevated levels during exam period, as such it is vital you have furniture that is conducive to providing a quick and easy set-up, with just one click you slot these desks into place and are ready to sit your exam.


Furniture that is readily available and which can be set up quickly and easily will ensure that this often busy period runs as smoothly as possible. Our folding exam desks are easy to manage and provide a set up that is both efficient and highly professional.

This also enables you to plan and manage exams sittings according to your specific needs. You do not have to worry about cumbersome and difficult set up times, these desks are so quick and easy to assemble and take down that you can free space as and when required neatly and efficiently.


Efficiency is the highest priority during exam time students sitting exams are frequently under pressure to perform to the highest standard as such, the quality of furniture should be of an equally high standard. Our folding exam desks are so simple and convenient to use they provide you with a highly efficient desk that can be accommodated in almost any environment.

Neat and tidy storage

Our exam desks not only provide the highest quality when it comes to storing stationery, but provide the user with a small detail that includes a handy pen groove to keep the rest of the desk space clear, also once folded this item of furniture reduces to a handy and transportable flat desk that is lightweight and easy to store.

Strong and sturdy

Aside from being lightweight and easily transportable our folding exam desks are also exceptionally strong and sturdy, providing the user with a solid work space that is vital in any exam environment.

Save Money

Our folding exam tables can be hired in large quantities of hundreds or thousands, enabling you to make big savings on a high quality product that you hire for as long or short a time period as is necessary. Our discounts are practically unbeatable putting you first for all your exam hire needs.

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