What Are The Best Reality TV Furniture Rentals?

What Are The Best Reality TV Furniture Rentals?

Reality TV has been around for decades, but it’s really soared in popularity in recent years. From watching various groups of friends in Essex, London and Newcastle entertain us with their exploits to seeing celebrities weather jungles and housemates confined in one house for months on end - there is currently so much too choose from.

Can-do Candid

One of the first reality shows is believed to be Candid Camera, which actually launched way back in 1948! This and talent shows kept viewers entertained across the globe, and when Big Brother launched in the Netherlands in 1999 the audience saw a whole different breed of reality TV begin that concentrated more on everyday people and their dramas with others in the show.

Reality TV Rentals

Like with the majority of filmed events, whether this is a huge sporting occasions, a talent show performance or a soap - furniture is required, and thanks to our chair and table rental range, as well as lots of other products, you can choose from a large selection of items. But, what products would suit your event the most - here’s some tips drawn from past orders…

1. Think about the show

This is straightforward, and it’s very important to order products that operate as the audience expect them too. If you’re filming a scene involving a hospital reception for example, then viewers will generally expect to see reception desks, functional seating and pedestals for storage. On the other hand, if you’re setting up outdoor scenes, with characters enjoying sophisticated drinks in upmarket locations, then our chrome poseur tables and stools are perfect. The key here is to perfectly match furniture with the scene and activities going on during the filming.

2. Is the set the second star of the screen?

The leading ladies and men of reality shows have often had a glamorous makeover in today’s programmes. We can still see people going about their daily lives via outtake shows, but generally, reality TV is associated with fashionable outfits, full make-up and even lots of fake tanning! Another aspect of these shows that catches the viewers’ eyes is the set, and more specifically the furniture rental products you might choose.

Could white be all right?

We’re finding white a very popular option with production companies who want sleek, modern tabling and seating that exudes a subtle, contemporary look. We also have finishes in walnut and light oak, as well as a range of top notch seating, including Egg, Barcelona, Panton and Keeler chairs in a range of finishes and colours.

3. How we make TV furniture hire affordable

From our past experience working with production companies, we can see that filming is often a long process with a dedicated team putting in many hours a day. Rather than buying furniture outright then finding somewhere to store it or going to the effort of selling it on, we offer you a much more affordable way of getting top quality TV furniture hire, that is delivered direct to you venue and collected too - all at a time that suits you.

Want a no-obligation quote for long-term furniture hire?

Our long-term hire rates are so cheap some of our customers choose to rent office furniture for years, and these deals are also useful for those longer events - such as reality TV shows. If you want to know more about this, simply give our friendly sales agents a call and we can offer you all the info you require and a no-obligation quote.

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