A Chair Of Thorns?

A Chair Of Thorns?

Sad sofas, sharp chairs and hard soft seating have all hit the news recently - making us realise the UK needs new furniture more than ever!

Inner Winner...

A UK company recently ran a competition to find Britain’s saddest soft seating, with people all over the UK sending in shots of their sofas. Furniture Choice awarded a makeover worth £500 to the winner, as well as brand new soft seating. The top entry featured a sofa with its inner foam spilling out and a dog sitting not-so-innocently nearby!

Other entrants featured a one-seater sofa with the protective finish peeling off, and another with the springs hanging out - bringing us to the conclusion that the UK is in desperate need of some furniture hire love! We have just the comfy, stylish and top quality sofas right here.

Yikes! Sofas With Spikes!?

Not all premises are lucky enough to own some modern and comfortable soft seating like ours, in fact check out these horrors if you want a shiver down your spine, or your bum in some cases!

1. A seat to shake a stick at…

Wooden chairs are some of the most common and affordable, and padding can give them an extra comfort boost - This particular chair will need a lot more than a cushion or two if you want a seat you can totally relax on. Featuring a collection of sticks projecting from a central base, this chair could literally be a pain in the backside. Aptly called the Stick Chair it was designed for a competition - don’t worry, we won’t be stocking this one anytime soon.

2. Commemorate with concrete?

Some furniture designs are so popular they stay around decade after decade, and this is very true where the Corbusier sofa is concerned. We have a range of iconic cube-like corbusier's available to our customers that features all the style and deep cushioning offered by those first models made in the 1920s. This definitely does not apply to a concrete version of the chair that was constructed to commemorate the sofa. It looks fantastic and very quirky, but the solid concrete seat and back are crying out for some cushions we think!

3. A chair you might want to desert!

Cacti have evolved to thrive in deserts perfectly - and some grow well as houseplants too, but the last place we’d expect to see a cactus is the spot in your home where your sofa normally stands! Created to resemble the overall shape of a two-seater sofa, this is where the resemblance ends between Cacti sofa and more traditional soft seating ends… Covered in thorns and prickles, this product might be left growing in the desert rather than your living room or office!

If you’re tempted by comfortable, stylish sofas rather than these quite prickly other options, check out our soft seating range - they’re totally painless! We’d love to see your pics of any terrible tables, miserable sofas or prickly chairs - feel free to send them to us.

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