5 Ways To Make Your Al Fresco Area More Appealing

5 Ways To Make Your Al Fresco Area More Appealing

If you run a restaurant, bar or bistro and you are lucky enough to have an outdoor dining area, it’s time to get it ready for the summer months ahead. Your outdoor dining area is often the first area that customers see, and if it’s not looking its best, they could just walk on by. Don’t let that happen. Wow them with great signage, seating, decor and lighting, and you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand...or rather off of your plates!

Creating an attractive al fresco dining area could really help you to boost profits this year, and our handy article has plenty of tips.

Spring Cleaning

How does your business look from the outside? If you haven’t used your dining area since last year, the chances are it’s looking a little messy and in need of a spruce up. Spring cleaning is just as essential on the outside as it is on the inside, and a good clean and sweep up will give you the perfect blank canvas to work with when it comes to furniture, decor and lighting. If you don’t want to tackle this job yourself, there are plenty of cleaning companies that can restore the sparkle for you.

Check Your Pavement Permit

If you need a pavement permit for your dining area, check that it is still valid. If you are not sure, you can contact your local authority’s licensing department. Without a permit, you may have to cease trading outside and that could mean missing out on weeks of profit while your permit is being agreed or renewed.

Outdoor Seating And Other Furniture

This is the fun part - designing your dining area. Our outdoor seating range offers everything you could ever need including bistro tables and chairs, banqueting tables, dining chairs, benches and sofas. If your business experiences busy periods, why not provide your guests with a comfortable sofa on which they can peruse the menu and enjoy a drink while they wait? We can also supply all linens for you - perfect if you want to create the traditional elegance of the dining room in the open air.

Make It Beautiful

Whether you have a small pavement area or a large patio or decked dining area, there are many ways you can make it beautiful and irresistible to passing trade. If you can, provide some shelter from the sun and light showers with an attractive awning or some umbrellas. Choosing shades the same as your branding will help to make your business stand out, especially if you share a row with similar businesses. Plants, fairy lights, candles on tables and attractive menus are other ways you can enhance the ambience and really create a special outdoor dining experience for your customers.

Be Available

One thing that can put customers off is that they are not greeted or attended to upon sitting down outside. Make sure you check outside for new customers regularly, or that you have a sign that asks customers to come inside first if they wish to be seated outside. Make customers as welcome outside as you would do if they were seated indoors.

Everything You Need To Drum Up More Custom This Summer

Here at Furniture Hire UK, we have a huge range of outdoor furniture just perfect for any business looking to cash in during the summer months and snap up that passing trade. We’d be delighted to tell you more about the many benefits of furniture hire, and some of our special offers.

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