Why You Should Consider LED Furniture for Your Next Event

Why You Should Consider LED Furniture for Your Next Event

LED furniture is unique and can leave a lasting impression on your event guests. We have a large range of LED furniture to choose from including bars, chairs, cubes, stools, ice buckets and more! Here is why you should consider LED furniture at your next event:


1. Gives you control over the event ambience

LED furniture can be illuminated in a range of colours which makes it the perfect furniture to create any ambience and influence the mood at your event. You could choose a warm orange colour for a relaxing event or a cool, blue colour for a trendy corporate event. Whatever the colour you choose, it can be changed at any time with a remote control.

2. Memorable furniture

No matter what the occasion, LED furniture will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Not only is it unique but LED furniture can make your event look stylish and give it a VIP touch. Our LED colour-changing poseur table is a popular LED hire item that can be dotted around your event to add a VIP feel.

3. Perfect for evening events

LED furniture is stylish furniture that also functions as a light source at your event. The furniture looks beautiful illuminated at night time and will be sure to impress your event guests. Our Bubble Chair is a fun piece of furniture that will provide both comfort and sophistication to your event.

4. It will look good at any time of the year

LED furniture is ideal for any time of the year; it can be illuminated in a standard white during winter or a bright yellow during the summer. No matter what season, our curved bar is a statement piece perfect for any event.


If you are celebrating for Brighton Pride this weekend, why not browse our LED furniture and light up your event in a range of colours. Get an instant quote online today and find out how you could use LED furniture at your event.

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