The Return of The Great British Bake Off

The Return of The Great British Bake Off

This year’s Great British Bake Off returns next Tuesday 27th August on Channel 4 with a line-up of 13 new contestants. The bakers will compete over 10 weeks and a winner will be crowned at the final in October. With the baking season set to begin, why not have guests bake their very own tasty treats at your bake-off event. Bake-offs are not only fun but act as the perfect team building activity for corporate and social events. Here are our top tips on delivering your very own bake-off!


Choose a Theme

Choose a theme for your bake-off to help attendees decide on a recipe, for example, summer recipes or Halloween treats. The theme can be as specific or brief as you like! It is easier for the judges to compare the same type of baked goods such as brownies, cakes or flapjacks rather than allowing each team to bake anything they like.

Decide on the Rules

Many bake-off events fundraise for charities; consider whether you will be charging for entries and donating to a charity or whether your event will be purely for fun. Other rules you will need to decide on include the number of people in a team, the amount of time each team will have to bake and any restrictions on ingredients.

Pick the Judges and Invite Teams

Pick 2 or 3 people to judge the bake-off entries. Once the judges have been chosen, invite guests to form teams or allow guests to participate individually. Give each team instructions and rules for the bake-off so that they can decide what they will be making.

Arrange Supplies

Have your bake-off teams submit a list of ingredients and utensils. Create “stations” for each team at the event and have everything on the tabletop ready for when they arrive, including ingredients, recipe cards and any other supplies that they requested.


Once the time is up and the bakers have finished, place their entries on a table without names and labelled with numbers. The judges can then decide on the top 3 entries and pick a winner!


If you want to deliver an event in true bake-off style, why not hire our 3x3m Gazebos for the judging ceremony or even the baking preparation itself! Our 6ft Rectangular Trestle Tables make the perfect stations for teams to prepare their recipe and our Chrome Bistro Tables with chairs are great as a place for the audience to sit and watch. If you want to share the tasty entries out between guests after the event, our Beer Table and Benches Set is stylish and suitable for the outdoors.

Browse our range of furniture for hire and start planning your bake-off event!

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