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We Cater For All Furniture Hire Events And Budgets In TYNE & WEAR

Furniture Hire Tyne and Wear - Cosmopolitan and vibrant to the core, this region offers our Tyne and Wear clients both lively, cultural venues and a rich history. This north-eastern area is partially bordered by Hadrian’s Wall and is brimming with heritage and locations where we have delivered all kind of education furniture - like our folding exam desks - and items from our event range too, such as our chrome stretch barriers and chrome poseur tables.

Chair Hire - Tyne and Wear

Practical and cost effective seating is very popular in Tyne and Wear, with our blue polyprop chairs topping the list of items transported to this area. Our comfortable black stacking seats - which are perfect for conferences and events - are also in-demand from our Tyne and Wear customers, as well as our very affordable white folding fan back chairs.

Table Hire - Tyne and Wear

As a vibrant and beautiful location for special occasions like corporate balls, award ceremonies and formal dinners, our furniture hire Tyne and Wear customers regularly select items from our event table range. Top rentals in this region feature both our 1830mm rectangular banqueting and our chrome poseur tables. We also stock circular banqueting tables, another great choice for sophisticated occasions.

We have your exam furniture essentials

Our Tyne and Wear customers know the importance of getting the right products delivered at the right time for assessments. We regularly deliver large batches of our education furniture to this region, with several of our products proving popular for exams. When you need to install halls with items perfectly designed for exams, then you can opt for our folding exam desks and our blue polyprop chairs.

Steady surface and practical seating for assessments

Both of these products are often chosen in combination by our Tyne and Wear customers and those ordering items in many other UK destinations. The reason why these products are so often selected for exams, is because they are very practical, durable and cost effective too! The desks are made from robust steel, and the surface of the tables are laminated, so they withstand ink staining. As they can fold in seconds, you can put them up very quickly so exam halls are arranged in no time at all.

Top of the list for our chair hire Tyne and Wear orders

A favourite Tyne and Wear product, our blue polyprop chairs are just as practical because they can be stacked up and moved in large batches, which also saves you time when you’re setting up rooms. The item’s durable plastic seat is very hardy and as this is one of our most affordable products it’s often ordered in very high amounts.

Our white folding fan back chairs have the advantage that they can be folded for easy transportation and their elegant looks give them a really versatile edge, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use for many occasions, including parties, conferences and general meetings.

Smart and classy table hire Tyne and Wear occasions

Education furniture is just one part of our range that we regularly deliver to our furniture hire Tyne and Wear customers. Our event range is also popular here, particularly our 1830mm rectangular banqueting tables, which look really good when arranged with our banquet seating - especially when both are covered with gleaming linens. Another top Tyne and Wear product is our chrome poseur tables, which are perfect for chic parties, bars and other occasions too.

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