Metal Storage Guide

Metal Storage Guide

Metal Storage Guide – How to Choose the Right Storage Solutions

Choosing the right storage solution for your office is an important consideration especially when you have lots of items to store and space is tight. The best storage solutions are that which are designed to fit compact areas and which can be moved to different areas when required.  

Our furniture hire service is perfect for businesses of all sizes. There are great cost savings to be had when hiring furniture especially when you only need temporary storage or you need to upgrade your storage solutions in the future.  We offer a wide range of furniture hire options including cabinets, cupboards, chairs, tables, desks and reception furniture.  In fact, we have everything that any modern thriving office could want and we’d be delighted to give you a quote today. 

Versatile Storage Solutions for the Modern Office

Our office furniture hire range offers a selection of metal cabinets and cupboards, each offering a number of features that are designed with the today’s bustling office in mind.  Whether you are looking to store confidential documents or you need an office storage solution that provides quick access to files, our cabinets fit the bill beautifully. 
Security is another important consideration when choosing office storage.  Our metal storage cabinets and cupboards are lockable and constructed from robust 25mm thick material.  They are also completely mobile allowing you to move your storage to the areas in which it is required. 

Office Storage Solutions That Fit Your Needs Perfectly

When choosing your office storage solutions you also need to consider how your employees work, what they need to do their job and also safety.  We have seen many instances where unsafe and overloaded filing cabinets have been in use and this can really push up the risk of injury.  Our metal storage hire options are designed to fit effortlessly into your current office space and because you are hiring rather than buying, you can decide when it’s time to upgrade your storage if drawer or cupboard space is starting to get a little cramped.  We offer a range of office storage cabinets including:

• 2 Drawer Filing Cabinets
• 4 Drawer Filing Cabinets
• Low Double Door Storage Cupboard
• Tall Double Door Storage Cupboard

We select our range of office storage solutions that are robust, versatile and affordable and we are constantly reviewing our range to bring you the very best office furniture hire options. 

Check Out Our Brand New Range

We are proud of our office furniture hire range and we would be delighted to tell you about our new metal storage items and give you a cost effective quote.  

At Furniture Hire UK we have helped countless companies, large and small, to make great savings on their office furniture and to tap into the flexibility that furniture hire brings.  Speak to our team today to find out more about our impressive range of office storage solutions and see how much you could save.

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