Sofa and Executive Seating Guide

Sofa and Executive Seating Guide

The sofa falls under the guise of various names, couch, settee, three piece suite and even a ‘canapé’, just how it acquired the later is subject to speculation there are few sofas that look like a biscuit shaped cracker although in reality with today’s modern designers frequently exhibiting more and more striking pieces of furniture, it is quite feasible that one could be constructed should it be required.

History of the Sofa

In fact the Canapé is actually an eighteenth century French design that ranges in its simplest form to a one piece sofa with simple but elegant curves, to a much larger construction that stretches out to form several seats. What is evident from all the varying styles of sofa currently available is that this very informal item of furniture has endured a long history and is still deemed the epitome of the ‘comfort zone’.

Office Interior - Professional & Accommodating


Nowhere is this more apparent than in the interior of an office, particularly in reception, the first port of call for practically any business. It is therefore fundamentally important that you get this space right the look and feel needs to be both professional and accommodating, ensuring that the first impression is an impression that is both inviting and memorable, oozing professionalism sophistication and style.

Executive Furniture Hire

This objective can be easily achieved with our executive furniture hire range. Not only are the range of sofas smart and sophisticated but they are extremely comfortable. Our one or two seater Corbusier sofas are the picture of elegance and, upholstered in a black leather finish they are sofas that invite you to sit down and soak up the atmosphere. The elegant chrome frame adorning both these chairs makes them an impressive sofa hire option.

Black Tub Chair Hire

Equally stylish are the one and two seater tub chairs, which hired alongside other items of furniture in the executive range will really make your reception stand out for its impressively stylish interior. Our circular white coffee table for example can be placed alongside almost any item of furniture without detracting from the style of your existing furniture. It will in fact enhance any space, the solid grey chrome legs make it a must have choice for any reception area, and the neutral white means you can create an area of elegance in any space within your office. Similarly if you want to set up a quick and smart reception with minimal fuss our sleek light oak or walnut reception counters can be set up quickly creating a chic and elegant reception area in a matter of minutes. 

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