Party Planning Guide

Party Planning Guide

I'm planning a large party/banquet can you help? Yes, in fact large parties and banquets are exactly the type of event we can help you with, we have a vast range of party, banquet and event furniture hire products that cater for a variety of events.

What type of furniture should I hire?

If you know the type of event you are planning then choosing your furniture could not be simpler. We categorise our furniture hire products according to need and demand as such you can browse through our selection of furniture knowing that you will be able to find furniture according to exactly what you need.

Service with a smile: How will I know what size table I should hire?

Our customer service staff are trained to take your enquires and assist with helping you as much as possible in order to help you in choose the right type of furniture for your event. You can phone for advice and take a look at our products on line, the easy categorisation of furniture hire products should be all you need to know exactly the type of table size you require, they are all described in detail with sizes and other helpful product descriptions, if you have any doubts just give our team a call, we are always happy to help

Hire time: I am planning an all-night event, how long can I keep the furniture that I hire?

When you hire our furniture you hire for exactly the length of time you require the furniture this can be both short and long term. We keep our prices low so that long and short term hire is low cost and easy on your budget.

I might need chairs for longer than I need the tables is this ok?

Not a problem you can hire any of our products for exactly the time period you require, there are no limitations on the hire period.

Product specific: Can you recommend any specific products for a large party/banquet?

We have a large selection of event hire furniture and cater to a range of banquet and or other social events. If you have a browse through our event furniture you will find a selection of furniture hire accessories that are perfect for a broad range of events from banquet tables and chairs to poseur tables, chic stools and fine dining furniture.

Serving food and drink: I would like to serve food and beverages at my party can you help?

We have a fantastic range of mobile bars that are perfect for hosting your event, choose from a range of styles and colours, illuminating and semi-circular whatever type of style you are looking for we can provide the style and sophistication you need.

Get the celeb look: Can you recommend something different to help my event stand out?

Why not take a look at our stunning deep pile red carpet, any event is bound to be alleviated to another level, where class and style takes precedence with our celebrity style red carpet at four meters long it is the type of red carpet that is memorable for all the right reasons

Avoid tension with Stretch: What about crowd control? I am planning a large event but I need something classy yet practical can you recommend a product?

Our stretch barriers are ideal they facilitate easy usage, are smart practical and come in very handy for assisting with large groups of people, providing guidance lines, queue control and assisting with entry and exits as necessary

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