SAVE MONEY this September!

SAVE MONEY this September!

Christmas comes earlier every year and we think bringing it even sooner might just result in the most magical festive events you’ve been to.

Dreaming of the right Christmas...

We know how it sounds… thinking about Christmas when you’ve barely packed your bags for your summer holidays or even given any thought to your Halloween outfit this year. As the festive season approaches many of us think how we’ll do things differently the following year and get ready months in advance, giving us time to prepare.

We join major retailers

So which other companies are already thinking about this exciting, yet pretty stressful time of year? Well, we recently heard how Selfridges has opened it’s Christmas store in the last week, giving customers the chance to stock up on festive necessities, way before streets get packed with festive shoppers. Asda have also got ahead of the game, putting up decorations in a South Wales meeting room, according to recent reports.

Big rewards for booking early - September Stockings

September could feel like the wrong month to be putting those plans in place to get your office party, corporate ball, festive fair and exhibitions organised, but some companies, like Asda and Selfridges were getting in the Christmas spirit weeks and weeks ago.

Free vouchers for your festive furniture

So, what exactly are the positives to arranging your furniture rental needs sooner, rather than later?

Here’s a quick breakdown of our offers that you can start benefiting from TODAY.

£25 vouchers for September online orders over £250

● £50 vouchers for September online orders over £500

We’re happy to say that this year has been a bumper year for adding new furniture to our event range, so you have even products more to choose from than last year. Some of our top new products include our Chiavari chairs, as well as Keeler chairs, Barcelona chairs and Eiffel chairs too.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Want a 15% discount?

Vouchers are one way that our early bird offers can save you money over the festive holidays, and another is to benefit from deals in our newsletters. To reward both our existing and our new subscribers, we’re offering them both a 15% discount, which you can access by following guidelines within our emails. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our hompage now and we'll send you a discount code immediately.

What comes first - the Egg or...

Most companies know, it’s important to get Christmas entertainment, venues and other elements of events - like catering and furniture hire - booked up in advance. This means you get a wide choice of locations for your function and get the peace of mind that your occasion has been fully planned. It makes sense that thinking about all this even earlier than usual gives you greater choice. Fewer venues will be reserved, there’s more time to plan the event, potentially making it the most memorable and successful Christmas event organised by your company.

What’s more, rather than make quick decisions on whether you’d like our white Eiffel chairs or black Barcelona chairs for your party, for example, you can properly plan these kinds of needs and get your venue packed full of the exact stylish and comfy chair hire products your event calls for.

Spread the festive sparkle

Peace of mind is another great outcome to bringing forward Christmas preparations. They’ll be no mad dashes to pick up extra table linen, or ringing up to book extra chairs for guests, for example. Instead, you can rest assured that your venue is booked and looking amazing, the entertainment has been scheduled and all other arrangements have been made well in advance of your function - great reasons to spread that Christmas sparkle from August to December!

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