London’s Short On Space? We Have A Solution!

London’s Short On Space? We Have A Solution!

According to a recent story London is one of the main cities to see a reduction in larger office spaces to rent, but we could have just the solution you need.

Small Can Be Beautiful!

Of those that were available just 19% of larger offices were within central business locations and as demand for these types of locations increases due to growth in the European economy, it may be harder than ever to find an office big enough for your needs! Our furniture hire range can offer a great solution when your business premises are compact or a little smaller than you preferred. Here are some of our great space savers.

1. Workable workspaces

When you’re looking to set up work stations we have a varied range that not only complements different office themes - such as our modern light oak, very contemporary white range and premium executive range - but our products also suit premises of different sizes too. Our desks have been manufactured according to our own specifications and designs. We know the importance of variety so all our customers get the perfect product for their needs. This is why we offer our most popular desks in three different sizes, so you can hire light oak desking in 1500mm, 1600mm and 1800mm.

In addition, we also offer mobile pedestals in light oak, white and walnut, so they not only match our range of desks, but fit perfectly under them too.

2. Short on room? Get folding!

Our desks aren’t the only product that has been manufactured with our high specifications in mind. We also thought very hard about tabling to ensure our customers get top quality products that are very practical too. Tables are an essential item in offices across the country, and are used for all sorts of occasions, like meetings, networking, training, offices areas and break zones. When you don’t have much space to accommodate all these activities, then you might have one dedicated flexible space that acts as a meeting room one day and a training area the next.

Flexible, functional furniture

When rooms change function regularly, your furniture will also have to be flexible, and our modular tables are exactly that! Like with our desks, there are a range of finishes available - walnut, light oak and white - but all our modular tables share some very important functions, such as the fact they fold easily. The folding leg mechanism means you can put them up or down in seconds, so when you need tables for interviews one day and meetings the next this is very simple to arrange. You’re also able to configure our tables in ways that suit your event, and some of our popular combinations include medium, large and horseshoe meeting tables.

3. Store… more!

Proper office storage benefits organisations of all sizes, particularly compact locations. Having somewhere smart and modern to store files, documents and other items adds to the overall professional look of your business premises, but also helps colleagues to be more productive, as they find what they require quickly. We offer different-sized office storage hire products, so you can make the most of even the smallest offices spaces. Our 2 drawer filing cabinets and 1020mm double door cupboards offer spacious storage, and are also available in bigger sizes if preferred. Our range gives you the tools you need to create bespoke workstations that suit all kinds of premises - small and large.

Another great advantage to renting from us is that you can save even more money via our long term hire rates, as prices become lower the longer your rental period!

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