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Why We Can Meet Your Furniture Hire In LEEDS Needs! Furniture Hire Leeds - A friendly city with bustling markets, many cultural events and endless entertainment opportunities, our Leeds clients are varied and require all kinds of products. Top items include our black stacking chairs - great for conferences - and seating and desks that fit really well into educational institutions, such as our polyprop seats and folding exam tables.

Chair Hire - Leeds

From products fantastic for events, such as our silver banquet seating, to our very versatile polyprop chairs, we transport a varied selection of products to our Leeds clients. The most common item making up our furniture hire Leeds rders features our black stacking chairs, which also come in blue. Upholstered, affordable and chic looking they are ideal for corporate functions and others requiring comfortable sophisticated seating.



Table Hire - Leeds

Products that we often hire in large batches across the country are also popular with Leeds customers too. Especially our folding exam desks that are chosen by schools, businesses and other organisations that organise arrangements. Other typical Leeds orders also feature products from our office range - including our meeting rooms tables - as well as out event category, like our banqueting tables.

Polyprop chairs and exam desks - the perfect hire furniture combination?

When it comes to arranging events like exams, our Leeds customers often need large batches of items several times a year. Time to set out extra seating can take a while, especially if you have thousands of rental products to install - which is the case with many of our clients. We are available to assist you in setting up your venues, but it also helps to have items that are practical and versatile too.

Set up exam desks in seconds

When you choose our folding exam desks, you’re getting an item that is designed to be set up in seconds, thanks to its folding mechanism. The beech effect wood is laminated so can withstand stains and its slanted surface is comfortable to work on too. These additional features means our this product remains very popular with our table hire Leeds customers and those located all over the UK.

Polyprop chairs tick many boxes

A very typical style of seating that’s often chosen in conjunction with our folding exam desks are our polyprop chairs, which come in blue or black. Because these have a ventilation hole they’re perfect for those events where delegates, students or visitors are required to sit for a long length of time, such as during shows, exams and conferences, for example. The durable seat and frame means they can be stacked high, which is another fabulous benefit when you have lots to set out at a time because you’re free to move them around venues in large batches.

Stacking chairs hired in large quantities

Polyprop seating is an excellent cost effective choice, which makes big orders very affordable. Our stacking chairs are another of our Leeds items that are also chosen in large batches. You can also benefit from some of our other great deals when you opt for this pocket -friendly product. Like with all our range, the more you order the cheaper that each item becomes, boosting the affordability of our entire range even more.

As a conference chair, this product is favoured by our Leeds clients as well as our customers situated elsewhere in the UK, because of its comfortable seat and polished chrome frame - which gives it a very stylish appearance.

Event chairs for all your occasions

We have large stocks of many of all our items so you can easily arrange those large (and small!) occasions with ease. So as well as selecting items for your exams and conferences, we also have high quantities of banqueting chairs and tables too - for those formal dining functions, gala dinners, award shows and any other event where you’d like very chic looking tables and matching chairs.

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